The Weekly 3

We invite people to make 3 weekly commitments:  

                                                          Worship God

                                                          Connect with Others

                                                          Serve Others



is our response, personally and collectively, to God. We recognize God for who He is and what He has done.  The highest expression of love is in offering ourselves to God (see Romans 12:1).

Here at The Point, we're doing our best to make sure that everyone can experience God's presence as we come together to worship each week.

Authentic worship is centered on God.


Connection is an important step on the path to spiritual maturity.  We believe connecting has three components:

     Connecting with God.

     Connecting with others.

     Connecting others with God.

We can all create more time and space in our lives for connection.


A growing Christian is a serving Christian.  When we are serving others, we are serving Him (see Matthew 25:40).

Our mandate, as Christians, is to invest our lives in serving others.  Here at The Point, we offer a variety of opportunities for people to serve in the church, in the community, and around the world.

Here are just a few of the opportunities to serve at The Point (click here).