To be Rooted means to be firmly established and securely embedded in something to the point that your strength, and the strength of that which you are Rooted in are the same. Like a tree with deep roots in the ground, our hope over this six -week experience is that you may become Rooted in the love and power of the God who created the entire universe- the God who also created you – and that you would draw your strength not from yourself but from Him. We will be discussing various spiritual practices to implement in your life, and we will also be covering what baptism is. If you choose to, you could be baptized at the end of the six weeks at our next Rooted Celebration.
The group will meet each week for an hour and fifteen minutes
The time/day will be determined after students have signed up, to find the time that works for everyone
Cost: $10 for a student Rooted participant book (this can be paid through our Give part of the website)
If you are interested in signing up for the next High School Rooted small group, please email