Say YES to the spiritual growth of Kids and Students. To work in our Family Ministry areas, you don’t have to be a Bible scholar, pass a theological aptitude test, or display a particular set of special spiritual gifts. You don’t even need to be that cool! Here’s what you DO NEED:

Love God
Care about kids
Be committed
Come prepared

Family Ministries is completely fueled by volunteers and with recent growth we have many volunteer needs! We would love to talk with you about joining our team. Here’s a description of opportunities:


Check-in Team: This team makes great first impressions as they welcome families through the check-in process. They serve one service hour, once a month. Smiling faces and basic computer skills are needed.

Nursery (6-8 volunteers needed): Do you need a baby fix?! Come help us love, care for, and play with the littles of our church family! All you need is an attentive eye and an easy hug! Our immediate need is for help in both services, every other month.

Preschool Small Group Leader (2-4 volunteers needed): Preschool SGLs connect relationally with 5-7 preschoolers. They also implement classroom activities that foster spiritual growth. A mastery of playdough is welcome! Our immediate need is in second service, every other month.

Elementary Small Group Leader (2-4 volunteers needed): Elementary SGLs connect relationally with an assigned group of 8-10 kids to speak truth into their lives, mentor them along life’s journey, and celebrate spiritual growth. They’re also known to play silly games, talk about all things Lego, and appreciate the beauty of scratch art! Our immediate need is 2nd service, weekly for the rest of the school year.

Student Helper: Kids 3rd grade and up are eligible to serve as student helpers in check-in, nursery, and preschool on a rotation basis. Consider serving as a family in one of these areas!

If you are interested and would like more information about volunteering in Family Ministry, please fill out the form below.

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