What is Baptism?

Baptism is the outward expression of your inward decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Baptism symbolizes going from death to life. In Romans 6, we are taught that in the same way Jesus died and was buried, our old way of life is put to death and buried with Him as we are submerged under water. Then, like Christ, we come out of the water to new life and new way of living just as Jesus resurrected to new life on the third day. This public faith ceremony allows us as Christians to individually follow and surrender to Jesus’ example and lordship.
Baptism is a significant step in the faith journey for your child. We would love to celebrate this moment with you as a family. Our next baptism service will be Sunday evening June 13. For an idea for what to expect, check out the steps below.
  • Complete the form below to register for baptism. Please register each child wishing to participate.
  • Save the Dates:
        • June 10, 6pm: Baptism Service Information Meeting
        • June 13, 6pm: Baptism Service
  • Talk with the Kids Ministry Director or the Family Ministries Director about your child’s interest in baptism. They will send you a Parent Packet with info on how to prepare your child for baptism. If you have further questions please contact the Family Ministries Director at timf@gotothepoint.com. Part of the packet instructs you to watch a video, which can be found at the bottom of this page for your convenience.
  • Invite your friends and family! You can print out invitations from here or contact the church office to get copies.
  • Students: once each semester we offer a six-week High School Rooted small group experience. We recommend that 9-12th graders consider participating in this opportunity, which would end with a Baptism Celebration opportunity if they wished.

Kids and Student Baptism Registration

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    At The Point, we ask that people are baptized by someone who is already a faithful, Christ-following Christian
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Kid’s Baptism

Student’s Baptism