Clarity is committed to partnering with families to share God’s truths about our sexuality. Parents are the best teachers. The more openly parents talk to their children about God’s truths and facts on sexuality, the healthier kids can be in their attitudes and behaviors.

The My Best for You workshop empowers parents/adult mentors to create environments that model God’s plan, honor a child’s curiosity, and equip the whole child to make healthy decisions. We want to lay a foundation of truth so, when they reach adolescence, they are prepared to avoid selfish sexuality and all its consequences, yet still prepare them to enjoy a healthy expression of mature sexuality within marriage.

My Best for You, a workshop designed for upper elementary/6th Grade Center students (Grades 4 – 6) and their parents/ adult mentors, lays a foundation of truth and empowers families to have honest conversations. In fun, interactive and age-appropriate ways, families will be equipped to guard their hearts, minds and bodies with Bible-based knowledge.

This class is for parents and children to attend together.
Our next My Best for You workshop will take place in early 2025. Info will be posted soon!
Please complete the registration form at the bottom of the page. Please submit a separate form for each child that will be participating in the class.

Seeking Sexual Integrity Class - My Best For You

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