Help staff our Water & Ice booth at this year’s Oktoberfest. All proceeds from the sale of water go to provide clean drinking water for kids and adults in Africa. Review the volunteer instructions and sign up for one of the volunteer or emergency backup shifts below.


1. Arrive promptly for your designated shift. Make sure you consider the fact that it will take time to find parking and walk to the water booth.
2. Parking: The parking lot behind the booth is only for handicapped, so use other parking options unless you are handicapped. Parking is difficult, so please give yourself plenty of time.
3. Location of the water booth: The Point water booth is located on 2nd Street near This Old Guitar—fairly close to the train track. Typically, the cake walk is next door.
4. Dress comfortably and prepare for variable weather. Please wear your "FOR Seymour" t-shirt. If you don't have one, feel free to wear another Point shirt or any other comfortable yet appropriate shirt you have.
5. What to bring: yourself and your smile!!! You can bring a drink / snacks if you like. Everything else will be provided for you.
6. What you need to know: there will be a day leader at the booth who will be looking for you to arrive. This person will assign job duties, train you on what you are to do, help coordinate your time, answer questions, etc.
7. What you might be doing:
     a. This will vary depending on need. These are a few short job descriptions, but please be flexible and understand that you may be asked to help with other tasks!!!
     b. Cashier
     c. Sell water to people
     d. Take orders from vendors for ice
     e. Pull ice from the ice truck
     f. Deliver ice to vendors
8. Remember this is a mission… show God’s Grace with everyone.
9. Know what your mission is—providing clean water. For $50 you can provide an individual with clean water for life!!!!
10. Smile and stay focused on your job. People will want to stop and talk…send them to our water booth to buy water and support our cause, and let them know you can chat later or back at the booth.
11. Be very courteous, and thank any Oktoberfest committee members for allowing us to do this…we are there at their invitation!!!