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Transformed Class: February 18, 25, and March 3

Location: Family Center Gym

Time: 6-7:30pm (we will still have the 5-6pm Hangout for any teens wishing to get dropped off early)

For who: 7-12th grade students and their parents/guardians!

Pre-registration required for classes – please contact Tim Ferret with questions (timf@gotothepoint.com)

This class is intended for adults and and teens of families to both attend. It is facilitated by the local non-profit, Clarity. Over three Sunday nights they will they will discuss the following topics: God’s design of our Whole Person and how we can look to God’s truths to help us develop healthy habits for our Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Social health; teen brain development and how it affects decision making; current culture and the influence of media on our choices; social media’s affects on teens; God’s design for marriage and singleness; healthy vs unhealthy relationships; the negative consequences of sexual activity outside marriage and positive benefits for waiting until marriage; discussing future goals and how our choices can take us toward or away from our goals; negative affects of pornography and sexting on emotional and spiritual health; creating healthy boundaries in all areas of our whole person health, and how to protect ourselves from the consequences of unhealthy choices.

This program gives families an opportunity to openly discuss topics that are often avoided out of uncertainty, fear, and trepidation. But God created sexual activity, and all God created is good.  It is so valuable to invest precious moments with your children to celebrate something good and help them understand that there are very positive reasons to wait until marriage for this very intimate relationship.

If parents are unable to make it for one or any of the evenings, small group leaders will be present to guide discussion with any teens attending alone.

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