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Often it’s hard to think or believe that our lives hold the capacity for anything extraordinary. Ordinary is all around us. 9 to 5, doing life, same old same old, rinse and repeat.

But, what if our lives were meant for so much more? And, what if that so much more wasn’t just left up to our own ability or capacity? 2k years ago a bunch of ordinary folks just like you and me filled a small room. They waited for what seemed to be an impossible promise. And yet, once again, God always makes good on His promises. Light, bursting and beaming, fiery flame broke through in the darkness and opened their eyes, hearts and lives to a life of unordinary purpose and light!

The Spirit is still moving, still setting the darkness of our ordinary lives to light. In His empowering presence we discover that we aren’t ordinary after all!

Join us for “The Art of Being Unordinary” on May 5 – 26.

9:30 & 11 am

Onsite & Online at gotothepoint.com & our Facebook page

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