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Hi Parents of Graduating Seniors!

Sunday May 19th will be our “Senior Send-off” Sunday. This is how we plan on celebrating your graduating senior:

April 28Register for our Parents and Seniors “Next Chapter Class” to end your Faith Phases journey with your graduate here at The Point. Attending parents can record their “Parent Message” for Senior Send-Off with a professional videographer!

May 10 is a deadline for submitting three pictures of your senior (through the years OR all recent), as well as a Parent Message video if needed.

May 19 will be our Senior Send-Off Sunday. The pictures and your Parent Messages will be played at both services, but we will be recognizing graduates at the 11am service if they choose to participate.

Here’s how you can record and submit your Parent Message:

    1. Record a 30 second message to your graduating senior (digital camera or phone camera)
    2. You can say something additionally, but please choose a word for your senior. The word can describe them, or encourage them, but should be personalized to who they are. Let them know why you chose that word to describe them or encourage them. A quiet, closed room is ideal for the best audio, DO NOT video outside!
    3. Hold the phone in landscape please.
    4. Do not cover your phone’s mic while recording.
    5. Stand as close to the camera without being awkward, the further back you are the harder it is to hear you!

Upload your parent video message here (not needed for those attending “Next Chapter” celebration).

Please email your three pictures to office@gotothepoint.com and also indicate in the email if your senior will be participating in the Sunday May 19th 11am Send-Off.

Thanks parents, for all that you’ve done for your teen, and also for sharing them with us here at The Point!

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