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OPEN GYM: 5-6pm Family Center Gym


Drop-off at the main awning entrance

There’s a superpower that only the young possess—from some of you being able to survive off a diet of energy drinks and gummy candy to actually starting social movements and creating change in the world. But what happens to all of that power and possibility when it comes to faith? Does the Church underestimate the power of the young, or does the Church put too much pressure on your potential? In this series, we invite you to explore two ideas: what it means to own their own faith and to invite the counsel of older, wiser leaders along for the journey. The teenage years are a unique phase of life that makes us who we are as we discover who God wants us to be. These years go by fast, but they can be filled with intentionality that produces a deeply rooted faith that you’’ll never want to forget you experienced.

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