We’re so glad you’re here. Whether you’re joining us for the first time or have visited before, we want to encourage you to check out all that our church has to offer. Between our multiple ministries, upcoming events, and helpful resources, we want you to feel right at home as you get to know us.
We exist to spread the good news of Jesus to everyone, from those who have never heard to those who already have a personal relationship with Him (and everyone in between). If you’ve never been part of a church community before, or maybe it’s been a while, we want to welcome you with open arms.
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Small Groups

Following Jesus is more than a Sunday morning thing. We encourage everyon@ The Point to grow their relationships with Jesus and with others through participation in a Small Group.
Find out more information on our current and upcoming events across all ministry areas. Check out all the details so you can plan to join the next event that’s right for you!