Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life 2020!


Join us for our annual celebration of the gifts, talents, and interests that God has given our 7-12th grade students. This is a two part event, with a District Saturday here at The Point where students can showcase talents, and/or try out for district sports teams. After that Saturday, there is a Regional May weekend at Olivet Nazarene University where The Point and other SWID students may get to perform and/or compete against students from the other mid-west region Nazarene districts!


Important Dates

District Celebrate Life - Saturday February 15th 2020

Regional Celebrate Life @ Olivet - May 14th-16th (Thu-Sat)



Students - $150

February District day only- $25


Where to start:

Go to the registration form.

Choose one or multiple individual activities to participate in at the February District Celebrate Life. There can only be one team sport chosen to try out for, but other individual activities can still be participated in.


If your activity requires it, check out these applicable guidelines:


If you are wanting to participate in any of the options, go ahead and fill out the registration form!


If you are wanting to participate in any activities but ONLY at the District Celebrate Life on February 15, fill out only the last page of the registration form (no waiver needed).


What do I do with my registration form:

Before January 17 give Tim or put in the lockbox: registration forms and a $50 deposit OR $25 payment just for District Celebrate Life. Deposits can be paid via check made out to The Point, or online through our Give page. Repeat: DO NOT send money to the district, make payments to The Point!




What is Nazarene? The church denomination of The Point

What is SWID? South-Western Indiana District for the Nazarene denomination

What is District Celebrate Life? The one day event at The Point where 7-12th grade students compete, perform, or exhibit in various activities with the possibility that they may do so again in May

What is Regional Celebrate Life? The three day event at Olivet Nazarene University where 7-12th grade students compete, perform, or exhibit in various activities against other students from Nazarene churches across the Mid-West.

Why can't The Point 6th graders participate? For the RCL event at Olivet Nazarene University, students must be older than 12 years old to spend the night on campus. So to simplify things RCL is only for 7th grade and older.



If you have any questions, please email timf@gotothepoint.com!!